Janchi Guksu (Banquet Noodles), 2016, HD video, colour, sound, 4 minutes 18 seconds

Directed, filmed and edited by Ellie Kyungran Heo
Inspired by Suyeon Heo's words
Participants: MJ House

Janchi Guksu is a Korean noodle dish consisting of wheat flour noodles in a light anchovy stock, typically topped with thin strips of beef, eggs, and vegetables. The name derives from the Korean word janchi (meaning ‘feast’ or ‘banquet’) as the noodle dish is traditionally eaten on special occasions throughout Korea, such as wedding feasts and birthday parties. The word guksu means ‘noodles’ in Korean; noodles symbolise longevity in life.
The film culminates in a celebration party, the guests eating janchi guksu and wishing one another long lives filled with joy. Meanwhile the camera finds those who are no longer experiencing such joy.

Screenings & Exhibitions
Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Artists' Film Programme, UK 
LUX Programme: LIKE CARAMEL, Pump House Gallery, London, 2017
Video Portrait, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, 2017
Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival II, London, 2016