Can't Wait, 2016, HD video, no sound, 7 minutes 35 seconds
Can't Wait, 2017, HD video, sound, 7 minutes 35 seconds

Can’t Wait captures various pet characters in the waiting room of a veterinary hospital. This video was produced to give comfort to patients and their carers in (human) hospital waiting rooms.

Commissioned by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Trust
Supported by the Wylie Veterinary Centre
Music by Atzi Muramatsu
Directed, filmed and edited by Ellie Kyungran Heo

Screenings and Collections
Musanghan Muhyuil @ Parker's piece, SPACE ONSU, Seoul, Korea, 2019
Film Library project for the Royal Hospital For Sick Children and Department for Clinical Neuroscience as part of NHS Lothian, Edinburgh, UK, 2019
Dear Cinema, MMCA Film & Video, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea, 2018
CW+ RELAX Digital Programme, CW+ Medicinema, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK, 2016