Island, 2015, production image, HD video, colour, sound, 28 minutes 35 seconds

Excerpt from the beginning of Island

Directed, filmed and edited by Ellie Kyungran Heo
Translated by CL-Jame, Karine Jones
Special participants: Paldo (the white dog), Kim Eunja, Haewol and Jang Sangjea
For Stuart Croft (1970-2015)

Island features an island located at the southern-most point of South Korea, one small enough that it takes but an hour to traverse its circumference. On the island, there are two extremely contrasting atmospheres, from crowded hordes to hours of emptiness. This contrast emphasises its sense of place as an island, both geographically and psychologically. 
Island sheds light on the lives of some of the residents of the island and the questions: where are you now?, why are you here? and what happened to you? are put to the subjects of the film, the audience and the director herself.