Line of a Plant, work in progress

Line of a Plant explores the ‘infinite growth’ of plants as unfolded by scientific botanical illustrator Alice Tangerini. It begins by looking at how Alice traces a plant’s structures using ultra-close observation of a plant specimen and joins the process of discovering the newly reproduced ‘plantness’ through pen and ink drawings.

This work is currently underway as part of Heo’s artistic experimentation on cross-sensorial settings that amplify the detection of plants.

Artist and Researcher: Ellie Kyungran Heo
Botanical Advisors: Alice Tangerini (Illustrator for the Botany Department at Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History) and Shin Hye Woo (Botanist and scientific illustrator)
Interaction Design: Kim Hye Rin
Sound Design: Thenaeun Sound
Production and Research Grants: Arts Council Korea
 and Zurich University of the Arts